Every piece is Unique and Unrepeatable

Our desire to seek diversity and exclusiveness in wood has led us to a very special type of ancient olive tree found only in Calabria, whose timber we use to make products that are unique and unrepeatable.

Every piece comes from boards made with the wood of trees that after many centuries have ended their life cycle and are now revived in shapes that exalt their history, deformations and scent.

This means that all the products are in solid olive wood, hand worked by experts who know how to keep the characteristics of the wood perfectly intact and work to achieve the peculiar, unique effects we require.


Solid tables, made of timber from trees that have ended their life cycle and are now revived in shapes that exalt and do not conceal their imperfections, cracks, deformations and scent

Coffee Tables

Unique pieces with strong personality that make a sculptorial statement in your home


Produced with wood from centuries-old olive trees, every piece is unique, unrepeatable, original, and speaks of Nature’s beauty

Chopping Boards

Tableware that incorporates the strength of a great tree.  These are monobloc objects on which the centuries have left their mark.  The edges are heat fixed to enhance the pattern formed by cracks and splits.

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